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We have many healthcare experts at InnovAge and our Caregiver blog, authored by those experts, answers some of the questions they get most often from caregivers and their loved ones.

Centenarian Wallops World Records

Holidays Great Time to Pause, Evaluate Conditions

Gift of Time: What Many Caregivers Want Most During Holidays

5th Dementia Brings Young, Old Together with Music

Holidays and Alzheimer's Disease

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Elvis Costello's Musical Message

When Adult Parents Need Help

What is PACE?

What is "Quality" in Healthcare?

Seniors with Serious Style

Fashion Knows No Age!

Fill Out Care Questionnaire: Aging in Place

Walk, Don't Run

Exoskeleton Helps You Feel Old

How Maureen's Situation Led Her to Help Others

People with Alzheimer's Love Life? You Bet!

Home Care: Caregivers Provide $450B Free Care

Saliva May Have Alzheimer's Answer

Focus on Older Americans' Health and Wellness

Act Your Age: When Physical Age, Chronological Age are Different

Failure to Communicate: Hurts Older Adult Patients

Pot-bellied Pigs Waddle with Love for Alzheimer's Patients

Viable Alternatives to Nursing Homes

Wednesday Wellness: Seniors Take it to the Hoop!

Assessing the Mental Health of Older Adults

Wednesday Wellness: Don't Act Your Age

Lessen Caregiver Guilt: Take Care of Yourself

My Caregiver Story is Our Caregiver Story

Wednesday Wellness: Have a Great Fourth of July with Loved One

Are You Part of the Sandwich Generation?

Wednesday Wellness: Women Artists Coming into Their Own In Their 70s

Susan Sarandon Discusses Aging in Place

LATA 65: Graffiti Art for Older Adults

June is Alzheimer's Awareness Month: Get Information from InnovAge Experts

Ping Pong: We'll Bring the Paddles

Who's Earl? Find Out Now

Wednesday Wellness: Sometimes You Need a Little Lipstick

Is Assisted Living or a Continuum of Care Right for Your Loved One?

Wednesday Wellness: Livvy Still Plays Piano, Why Don't You Try?

Wednesday Wellness: Apps Help Relieve Isolation, Stress

Live Long and Prosper: Make it so by Exercising

Limiting Distractions Helps Those with Dementia

78 Year Old Continues on the Flying Trapeze

Music Makes Impact for those with Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease

Wednesday Wellness: You're Never Too Old to Make a Mark

What's the Difference Between Care Settings? A Lot!

Wednesday Wellness: See How Older Adults Honored Around the World

Getting Help to Reduce Elder Abuse, Neglect

Danny Trejo Coming on Strong at 70

Cancer Screening Tips for Older Men

Wednesday Wellness: From Weight-lifting to Mountain Climbing to Triathlons

Health Screening Tips for Women

Wednesday Wellness: Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler Does "Walk of Life"

Aging in Place: My Mother was Lucky

Wednesday Wellness: Can You Really Feel it in Your Bones?

Preventive Medicine: Advance Directive for Older Adults

Wednesday Wellness: Hit the Gym!

Take a Minute: Dealing with Caregiver Stress

Wednesday Wellness: Grab the Gold Chains, Synthesizer...

Lenore Rivera: Being There

Wednesday Wellness: Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes

Lenore Rivera: Moving to a Private Home

Wednesday Wellness: Run a Marathon

Lenore Rivera: Sleep Medication Brings Back Unexpected Memories

Wednesday Wellness: Go Surfing

Lenore Rivera: Life in Colorado Remains a Challenge

Wednesday Wellness:  Take a Drive, A Really Fast Drive

Lenore Rivera: Difficult Decision to Move Mom

Wednesday Wellness: Race a Car!

Lenore Rivera: Can't be Left Alone

Wednesday Wellness: Get Ripped Like a 70 Year Old!

Lenore Rivera: Who's Gene?

Wednesday Wellness: Skateboard with Grandpa

Lenore Rivera: Becoming a Caregiver

Wednesday Wellness: Take (Fashion) Advice from Grandma

Bring it Together: A Care Continuum for Older Adults

Wednesday Wellness: Make New Year’s Resolutions Together!

Talking to Kids About Alzheimer's Disease

Three Reasons Home Care Might be Right for You

Wednesday Wellness: Catch a Movie with Your Family!

Caregiver Support Groups Provide Camaraderie, Tips